Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Family - Part II

Myself.... I am married since 14th August, 1997 to an Iranian (Alhamdulillah..). Yes, its a mix-marriage from two different parts of the world. How I met him?.. I will write a separate post for it. The story is too long for me to 'enterprame' in this post. Quite interesting story, at least for me and my honey. "Is it easy to marry someone from different culture and background?"..... Tell me about it... the answer is NO. It is not an easy ride BUT its not impossible. Remember? Happiness is in your heart? Thanks God, we made it till now with our own way.. "Are you happy?".. some people ask. My answer "Oh yeah!.. Praise to God!" I always pray that this marriage and happiness will last forever... It takes two to tango right? Well... at the moment, we are doing the 'Tango' dance... still dancing, with Suri, tagging along, dancing beside us....

Oh.. talking about Suri.. she is the Gift from God to our family..after waiting for more than 10 years and after a bad and hurtful miscarriage @ 26 weeks (to a boy)... she is our life now.. she is the center of everything.... our world rotate around her.... She is a happy girl.. dancing all the time and enjoying her little world in her own way... I pray to God so that she will always be happy in her life (now and then) and healthy and meet people who can make her happy too... God, please take care of her and please Hold her hand in her life, coz I will not be able to hold her hand all the time through her life...

My in-laws... Kak Faz... I still remember, one day, mama told me that Abe Deen's heart was stolen by a girl. Happily, I offered myself to be the 'spy'.. hee hee (sorry Kak Faz!).. I went to London with Cik Nah. Abe Deen and a beatiful girl waited for us in the airport (first impression, check!)... We arrived in Abe Deen's house and the table was full of Kelantanese dishes.. Abe Deen said his girl helped him to prepare the dishes, she came since morning to the house to cook (second point, check!)..... Then, the experience was just enjoyable, we could talk to each other like we've known each other forever (third point, check!).. We went strawberry picking, it was fun! (fourth point, check!).. and we saw the way they look and talk to each other, the love is in the air (fifth point, check! check! check!).... Well, that's the most important thing rite? After all the screening, LOVE... So, there it goes, a positive report from the spy... Well, Abe Deen, good job! You really have chosen the best among the best! And Kak Faz, good job! You've played your part very well in our family... I miss talking to you! Love ya!

Ijan, Riz's wife... I still remembered, Dad and Mom told me to slow talk to Riz, asking him, if he is ready to take a girl's hand as his wife and if he already have one that he chose... It was in VS Bangsar, as we had our luch, exclusively two of us.. I drop the topic on the table.. and to my expectation, he said that he is deeply in love with a girl from his class and he is 120% sure, she is the one he wants to marry and live with till the end of his life.... Awwwww.... Are you guys shedding tears?? Common... relax.. breath in, breath out... Ok, so again, this spy (me) send the report to the big bosses and a few month after that... "Kelepong.. kelepak... kelepong... kelepak.." (bunyi kompang!).. and Walaaa... now, 3 kids, with some more coming soon..!! (is it?? haa haa, its my blog, I can write anything rite?).. Ijan, you rock (and of course I love ya!)!

Dr Illa.. JJ's wife, the latest collection in our family... I was also the 'critique'... It was in the Four Season restaurant, we had dinner, together with her parents, Dad and Mom and JJ... well the dinner went so well and we just have topic to talk and the chemistry was just right.... A few month later, they tied the knot... I will tell the story about her later coz I was not around them after they got married.. I am 24 hrs flight apart.. huhu... But Illa, the kids (anak2 sedara) are all crazy about you!! We love ya!

About my husband side (in-laws)... my parents in-law.... (Syukr.. syukr.. syukr..) they are the best parents in-law someone could have!!! Seriously! I can't ask for more! Just let me tell some stories about them. During my early time in Iran, I didn't know Persian and most of them (Iran people) don't know English. So, my mother in-law did the groceries shopping (by foot!) for me everyday and send it to my 4th floor apartment! There is always smile on her face and never once she raised her voice to me or interfering with our life... When I feel like eating something, she will as soon as possible buy the raw materials and cook it for me!.. My father in-law, I still remembered, one snowy winter day, he arrived in front of our door, with a bowl of red watermelon.. He was eating the watermelon and suddenly he remembered that watermelon is my favourite. On that instance he brought it to me through the harsh weather.. Whenever we go to visit them in Iran, they will treat me like a princess.. they don't let me do anything else than enjoying my time there.... I never forget to thank God for what He had Given me..

My husband's sister and brothers are like my own. We could discuss things together and understand each other. My sister in-law, Nazanin is a good listener and secret keeper. Thanks sis! I love you!

I mentioned that I have a big family. Yup, else than whoever I already mentioned above and in the past post, I have another two big (close) family, HAMSHI and WCJ.

HAMSHI and WCJ, their similarities are... they like to meet up, party, food and chit chat...

HAMSHI members are about 90. They are my mom's side. They are the aunties/uncles and their kids. We are close to each other, very close. The similarities among the aunties are that they like to COUNT. Not a single exception. Yes, they like to count everything, again and again and they will use all their fingers to count. The evergreen funny story among the family I like to share is about an incident. It happened a long time ago, maybe more than 10 years ago. The aunties went to a weeding in a village and at that time it was rainy season. Cik Yah, in one hand, is ulat-phobia (afraid of worms, leech or anything that look like that). Because it was rainy season, the host have to put a plank of wood on the messy and muddy ground so that the guests can walk on it without making their shoes dirty. Cik Ngah, on the other hand, is meniti-phobia (afraid to walk on small plank of wood). So, it happened that, Cik Ngah walked in the front, followed by Cik Ma and Cik Yah at the back. God is Great (hiii... hiiii...), Cik Ngoh, at the middle of the plank, was having difficulties to go further and her legs were shaking and at the same time also, a leech appeared on the plank, in front of Cik Yah. While Cik Ngok ek-ah-ek-ah trying not to fall, Cik Yah already jumped on Cik Ma's back and Cik Ngoh finally fell in the mud and sprained her foot. And Cik Ma successfully cross the plank with Cik Yah on her back!! Sooo funny (it was not funny then..)..

WCJ members are more than 100s. Every year, we will have gathering, which we called it Family Day. I remember, I initiated the Family Day, with arwah Cik Nor, Cik Awi and Cik Ja. One afternoon, we were discussing on how to make our growing family members united and know each other and stay close to each other, even after the earlier generation pass away. So, we suggested to have gathering with interesting activities and till now, the tradition is still being practiced with new fresh ideas from the newer generation. I missed a few of it but my soul is always with them. I am proud of this tradition and may this will hold our family together. Talking about arwah Cik Nor, I was very closed to her. We used to share stories and secret. All other cousins also like to discuss their problem with her.. I remember, my last conversation with her (via phone, I was in Iran at that time..), she said that she had so many people's problem in her head and how she wishes to ease her mind from problems and relax in peace... and the next day, God Granted her wish.. she was taken away from us (she was first in coma for sometime).. Good people always die young... May her soul be with the protected one in jannah.. I miss her so much.. I am sure, everybody who knows her or been in her life missed her dearly. May strength be with her family.. al-Fatihah.

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  1. Family (WCJ)- We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another's desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing n hugging to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together.When we look at our life, the greatest happinesses are family happiness. Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family. VIVA WCJ & HAMSHI..

  2. aawwwww....kak zie..x puah baco....i want more!!

  3. I didn't know that you are such a great writer...
    It's so touching I cann't wait for the next part but yes I know you are very busy darling..
    Well done sis good job and I love you too sweetheart.

  4. Yol: 1 LOVE!
    Illa: In da process... coming soon!
    Nazanin: Not that great dear, just my hobby which has been stopped for 25 years... hee heee.. Mmmuuuaaahhhhhsssss!!!

  5. Love u Dek!!! InsyaAllah in da future, i can be yor spy for Suri ;). Write's entertaining and enjoyable to read.

  6. Kak Faz: Lu u too! Sure I will need you to help me to be my spy for Suri ;=) !! Thanks for thinking so. I am flattered.