Monday, February 21, 2011

My Family - Part I

I am blessed to be born in a big family...I have a very big family.. very big... and I love them all very much! My parents have 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl. I am a rose among the thorns... I have 3 brothers and we grew up together in a house, at first in West Coast of P. Malaysia and later in East Coast of P. Malaysia.

My beloved dad.. he is my idol . His ideas, his advice, his strength and his spirit in live, inspired me a lot. He has always been there to help me whenever I needed him, until now. He is like a light in the darkness... when I can't find light anywhere else, suddenly his light appear to show me way, to guide me and to help me, unconditionally. I love him so much and May God Bless him forever, in this world and in the world after... He is a very spiritually strong man and I hope I can be like him... spiritually strong and positive!

My mom... she is very dear and special to my heart. She has touched many hearts... We are very close to each other. We used to chit chat and story about everything, every evening, when I was still living in the same house. Ohh... how I missed that so much! She is very kind hearted and caring person. She will do anything she could, just to make people happy. Whenever she comes to visit us in KL, she will bring a lot of our favourite food and stuff, for us to enjoy. And we will have food party for days! The same thing when we go back home to visit them (mom and dad), she will have a list of menu of our favourite food throughout our stay there.... In case I didn't say it enough, let me say it now, I love you so much mama! You are the best mama in the world for me! May God Bless you too!

My brothers.... My eldest brother, Abe Deen. We used to do activities together. Our age are 2 years different. Not so far. Our childhood (I will write about My Childhood separately in a different post) as I remembered was full of fun! I hope he still remembers as I vividly remember all the memories.. I remember we went fishing in the PJ lake, catching tilapia fish, using worms which we dig out ourselves from the backyard, as the bait.. I remember, we played 'gusti' where he accidentally bruised my eye.. I remember we played in the rain, throwing mud to each other, pretending like its a snowball! I remembered, we went cycling... I remembered, I lost my school bag during the school assembly and he as the big brother and also the school prefect at that time, asked a group of his friends to go searching for it everywhere around the school until he found my bag... I remember, we went to swimming class together and he was laughing telling me that there was an old man in the changing room, totally naked.... After an incidence, we all moved to East Coast. Suddenly, he was accepted in a boarding school and off he went.. leaving me missing him. I remember how I (we - me, mama, dad and other brothers) missed him and eagerly waiting for the weekends, because he will come home during the weekends.. I remember how mama would cook all his favourite dishes at that time.... Since then, we just met each other during holidays or some weekends... I remember, once, when I was in the university, I got sick and was rushed to the emergency room by my friend and he called my friend many times, to ask about my condition and asked my friend to have a good care of me... Ah... time flies really fast, now, we are the head of our own family... he now has a beautiful, devoted loving wife and a handsome son and a cute daughter. But he is still my big brother. He will always be. I love you Abe Deen!

My younger brother, Riz... We are 6 years different from each other.... We were so close to each other then, and still close now.... Praise to God... When we were both small and young, he liked to 'lepak' in my room, watched TV together and sometimes he fell asleep in my room. He usually dream-walking. One day, in his sleep, he walked to my study table, took a few books and went to the toilet. After a while, he came out from the toilet, without the books. I went to check and saw a pile of books on the toilet seat. The next morning, when he woke up, I asked him and he told me that he dreamt that he went to work in the office.. We had a great laughed! One incident I couldn't forget, when we teased one of our helper. At first, it was an innocent reaction to an incident, when we shouted "..Alaaaa Kassimmm... Alaaaa Kaasssimmm..." repeatedly in my room, until my helper ran up to my room, panting and catching her breath and pale face, and saying that she was hearing ghost voice saying "..Alaaaa Kassimmm... Alaaaa Kaasssimmm..." repeatedly..... So, we got an idea and decided to tease her. We told her there was no such thing/voice and I followed her to her room. We had a plan. My brother, supposed to keep on shouting "..Alaaaa Kassimmm... Alaaaa Kaasssimmm..." repeatedly, while I accompany our helper downstairs and pretend not to hear his (my brother) voice. But my brother, instead of shouting in my room, thought that it would be more real if he shouted out of the window. So he opened the window, and shouted out from my window "..Alaaaa Kassimmm... Alaaaa Kaasssimmm..." repeatedly, (my room is in the upper level of the house, where the helper's room is under my room, downstairs) at 2 a.m.! Lastly, we ended up, not only scaring our helper, but also all our neigbours!!! Now, all the memories I had with him, will be kept as memories and will be taken out from my memory archive whenever I need a dose of smile. Riz is now a proud husband and father of three beautiful, active and healthy son and daughters... I love you so much Abe!

Lastly, my youngest brother, JJ. He is 6 years different from Riz and 12 years different from me. He was soooo cute when he was a baby (I am sure his wife thinks he is still the cutest guy in town!). He was so cute, that one day, while I carried him on my lap, I was feeling so 'geram' of his cuteness until I sprained my neck! JJ is (yes, is) a very quiet and shy person. But when he speaks, or tell jokes, everyone will laugh with tears! One day (God Bless him), he was playing in the verandah with Riz and Isham (my cousin) and suddenly he slipped and luckily they (Riz and Isham) could catch his legs. But he was upside down, hanging down from the verandah. I was down in the garden at that time, looking at them, and shouting and jumping up and down panicking! But it was happy ending, they could pull him out of it.. thanks God. JJ is very polite and sensitive. He will innocently follow whatever you tell him to do and will always use the words please and thank you. One day, in the car, he ate candies and he asked mama where to put the candy skin. Mama told him to put at his feet (mama said "letak di kakilah JJ..!"). When we arrived at our destination, we saw that the candy skin was nicely sitting on his feet. He is a good boy. He loves his room very much. We all love him dearly. Now, he is a husband to a nice young doctor and awaiting for their first baby to be born... May he and his family be Blessed with joy, health, wealth and happiness always! I love you JJ!

--------- to be continued in Part 2 ---------------

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  1. funny2, abe dream-walking? alaa kasim..ha3.. even moment lasts all of that second, but the memory lives on also make we realize how lucky we are to have such a treasure of memories.. thnks k.zie,best baca, keep it up! see u in part 2..

    “Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them.”- Richard L Evans(kalau x salah).