Friday, April 8, 2011

My Trip to Maturity - Very Young ~ Part I

Cute, shy, girly, polite and clumsy... that was me, very young me.... Mama told me, when we were living in Philippines, I was 5 years old, I was a very cute, shy and polite... Because of my cuteness, I made Mama's shopping day easy. How? Mama told me that, because of my cuteness (I don't mind repeating this over and over again throughout this post!), whenever she goes shopping, the shopkeeper will play, carry and kiss me (euuwww!!) and Mama could do her shopping 'peacefully' (now that I have a little active princess of my own, I know what she meant by that - shopping 'peacefully'!). I am sure, some of this blog readers who know me are smiling now at the words 'girly and polite'... but believe me, I was girly and polite... at least for a short while, until I was influenced with the boys around me....., so do not blame me for that... hee hee... (** Don't wonder why I put the satay picture.. I was hungry when I wrote this post!! **)

But polite.. YESS... I am till now...and talking about being clumsy, I remember.. whenever we went to any shops selling glass or glass ware, Mama will keep on warning me to be careful not to break anything.. I didn't keep track, how many glasses I already broke or damage... I am sorry Mama! I hope it didn't cost you a fortune.. Also when we were in parties or people's house, I sometimes (I repeat, sometimes OK, not always!!) dropped glasses or plates here and there or spilled the food or drinks from my plate/glass... until once, in a party, someone else's kid dropped his plate and Mama from other corner of the room shouted "Dek Zie!!!" and I said "It wasn't me!!"... since then, I didn't remember anymore act of 'major' clumsiness from my side, just minor ones-lah... and I think this clumsiness is a bit contagious.. Anyway, I healed at least 95% from being clumsy now... yehaaaa....

When I grew older, in the primary school years... a transformer came to visit me and.... transformed me from cute, shy and polite to cute (still - this will remain), not so shy, tom-boy-ish (no more girly - my clothes were only t-shirts and shorts) but still polite... Half of my primary school years were in PJ - Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Sultan Alam Shah 1 and the rest were in KB - Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Zainab 1. I was appointed as the head of the class when I was in standard three. Whenever the class teacher asked me to monitor the class and to make sure the students were not making any noise, I would take three rulers, one plastic, one steel and one wood, put on top of each other and whoever made any noise, will be beaten by me on their hand (this was an act of torture! how come the teacher let me do it? - still blaming others huh??). And usually the class will be very quite till even you can hear if a book fell on the floor (of course! meaning: not so quiet laaa).

I also got dog-phobia during this age period. Wanna know how? One day, while walking to school, I saw a dog with one broken leg, across the street in front of our house and the street was very busy, a.k.a. full of cars.. There will be no way the dog could cross such a busy street, furthermore, the dog was having difficulties walking, kek-chah kek-chah... So, I wanted to test the trivia that "Don't run in front of a dog because it will chase you!". What I did was, I ran up and down the street (ni belan-belan nak gi school ni! sempat lagi buat eksperimen!) till the dog from across the street saw me... I thought to myself that it would never able to cross the street to chase me. But to my shock, as soon as the dog saw me running, it made it way crossed the street and started to chase me, very fast!! So, with adrenaline pump on, as fast as I could, as the Kelantanese say "Kecik ppalo ppalo!!" I ran towards our house and the dog did chase me till in front of our house door!! I was lucky at that time coz the gate and the house door were still not locked!! So, since then, I TOBAT NASUHA, I won't play-play anymore in front of a dog and I am really scared of dog now.. even if I heard the word DOG, I will start to shiver and my whole body shakes (please don't believe this part, just dramatization - over acting!!)

When I was in standard four, we had to move back to KB from PJ. So, since then, we lived in Berek 12 till now. It was a wooden house. My activity in KB changed and became more adventurous since all of my same age-age range cousins are boys.. and my best play buddies at that time were Abang Lan and Asri. We usually went in the big drain in front of my house, catching peacock fish or puyu or sepat. What happened was, either Asri or Abg Lan will go in the drain first, to help me from down in the drain and the other one help me from up of the drain. During rainy season, we could catch a lot of fighter fish 'ikan spilla' or 'ikan kkaghing' and I will arrange it separately in bottles with paper in between because they will fight if they see each other... It was so much fun!! I am sure Abg Lan remembers this.

Another activity was bicycle riding. My bicycle riding buddy were Hawari (now Dr Hawari) and Asri. I rode the bicycle in many acts... sometimes with one tire in the air.. without holding the handles, etc etc.. It was sooooo much fun!! One day, we went around our neighborhood.. We went like in a round. In one of the lane, there was a big lorry parked in the middle of the lane and the doors were opened. As I was trying to pass it, my bicycle handle hit the door and bum! I fell in the drain with my bicycle. I was so embarrassed at that time. So, I acted as if I fainted. The workers took my bicycle out of the drain and put it on the street. When they came to carry me out of the drain, I as fast as possible, grab my bicycle and cycled super-fast... I also made Hawari (he is 1 year younger than me) to perform a stunt with the bicycle, where I put a wood on some stacked bricks and he cycled on it, fly a bit in the air and landed on his face on the tar!! Ugghhh.. it was quite a bloody one.. So, if know Hawari, look at his nose, near his lips, you can see the fine scar of our childhood memories together!! Hee hee hee...

Eventhough I was a bit (a bit ok, not so much!) naughty and playful, I still excel in my study. I never put my study aside. My aim was always to succeed in my education. I got straight As in the Penilaian Darjah Lima.. Not bad huh? Nope.. it was good!!!

But I lost my grandparents (WCJ), both of them when I was 10, year 1982. I was quite close to Tok Wae and Che.. I used to go the Kg Sireh and played and talked to them, a lot. My buddy playing together-gether was Linda. We are same age. Linda, do you remember we played together?.. It happened so fast and sudden. Their love to each other was the example of real true love human can have. They both got sick at almost the same time and they both didn't know that their other half had passed away. This is what callled "Sehidup dn Semati!".. I respected them for this and for bringing up my idol very well, a.k.a my Dad. May they rest in peace... Al-Fatihah...

--- TBC - Part II ---


  1. Abe Yee (Hawari) balik kali ni pakat belek muko dia belako doh skali ni.
    Yee>>>>get ready Yee!!!
    :) che sue.

  2. Cik Su: parut tu sebab ada batu-batu kecik masuk dalam isi dia.. I took it out.. dua-dua ketar masa tu. Yee ketar sakit campur takut kena marah, Dek ketar takut kena marah... hee hee

  3. Hala fahmidam Suri be ki rafte!!!!

  4. Nazanin: Be ki? Chetour mage? Hee hee

  5. k.zie, great blog! u r truly an inspiration :)

  6. Ice Rose Princess: Thank you! I am flattered... Happy to know that you like it!

  7. you r always cute in your own way...miss your humour

  8. Dr Nenee: kelip-kelip mata....

  9. Dinda Jee! I will always relate U with the 'kek-chah, kek-chah dog'! You are a real mischievous! ..... the best description of 'Dennis the Menace'.... My lovely 'Dennis the Menace'! I L U.....

  10. Kanda Roy: muka kuning yang senyum senget sambi mata kelip-kelip (aku pun tak tahu nak gambarkan macamana ni..)